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Savvy's Amazing Tweens

Photography by Lily Darragh

Tween: Noun. tween (plural tweens) an amazing child on the brink of becoming a teenager. Often filled with love, energy, questions and the ability to conquer anything they put their mind to. We’ve found quite a group for this edition of Savvy’s Amazing Tweens! 


Aloha, Summer!

Story by Kerry Guice Photography by Lily Darragh

Before you close the book on summer, get those last few minutes of fun in by throwing a tropical party with good food, refreshing cocktails and mocktails, lively decor and the right outfit.

Forget the Birds & Bees

By Dwain Hebda

Kids look to parents for straight talk about sex, which isn’t always easy. Therapists suggest you start ‘the talk’ early and often, and prepare for the flock of questions.